Shri Naveen Patnaink
Hon'ble Chief Minister,Orissa

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To safeguard the environment by collection, treatment and safe disposal of liquid waste generated in different ULBs of the state and thereby reducing the pollution of water bodies.


  • to render all necessary services in regard to sewerage and sanitation to the State Government and local bodies;
  • to prepare draft State Plans for sewerage and drainage on the directions of the State Government;
  • to review and advice on the traffic, taxes, fees and charges of sewerage operating in the areas under the jurisdiction of the Board;
  • to assess the requirements of materials and arrange for their procurement and utilization;
  • to establish State standards for sewerage and sanitation services;
  • to review annually the technical, financial, economic and other aspects of sewerage and sanitation;
  • to establish and maintain a facility to review and appraise the technical, financial, economical and other pertinent aspects of every sewerage and sanitation scheme in the State;
  • to execute, operate, run and maintain any sewerage and sanitation system when directed by Government as per the provisions contained in this Act;
  • to assess the requirements for manpower and training in relation to sewerage and sanitation services in the State;
  • to carry out applied research in relation to sewerage and sanitation services in the State;
  • to perform such of the duties and functions, which are being performed by the Public Health Engineering Organisation as may be specified from time to time by the State Government;
  • to perform and discharge such other duties and functions as are allotted to the Board under other provisions of this Act or as may be entrusted to it by the State Government.