Shri Naveen Patnaink
Hon'ble Chief Minister,Orissa

Projects / Septage Projects / Dhenkanal Septage Project

The FSTP in Dhenkanal Municipality constructed under Project Nirmal is designed for handling faecal    sludge up to 27 m3 per day. The treatment technology has been developed in order to achieve    maximum treatment efficiency and minimum operation and maintenance (O&M) requirements. The    technology is a gravity-based system, which is based on natural and biological treatment. The treatment    components include – screening and grit chamber, stabilization reactor, sludge drying beds, anaerobic    baffled reactor, planted gravel filter and sludge pasteurization. Plans to use the treated wastewater for    landscaping the 2,500 m2 area of FSTP plant is also considered as an option.